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Average Speed Total distance travelled / Total Time Taken
Acceleration Change In Velocity / time taken
Change in velocity Final Velocity - Initial Velocity V - U
Final Velocity V U + at
Displacement S (u+v)/2 * t
Density D Mass / Volume M/V
Gravitational Potential Energy GPE Mass * Gravity * Height mgh
Work Done Force x Distance Fd
Power Work Done / Time Taken
Efficiency eff Useful Energy out / Total Energy In UEout / TEin
Kinetic Energy KE 1/2 x mass x velocity(2) 1/2mv(2)
Acceleration a ( 2 x Distance in m ) / Time(2) 2S/t(2)
Unbalanced Force F mass x acceleration ma
Momentum P Mass x Velocity mv
Impulse Force x Time Ft
Moment M Force x Distance Fd
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