Long-term problems of Liberal Italy

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Describe the political long term weakness of the Liberal state Coalition governments and proportional representation meant that all politicians aims differed. Transformismo style leadership meant that politicians were only interested in themselves. Nationalists and Socialists were providing alternative ideologies
Describe the economic long term weaknesses of the Liberal state Economic wealth mostly confined to the north South had half the amount of wages as the north North/south divide still clear, the liberal state had failed to instil a national spirit into its people
Describe the problems concerning how great a power Italy was in regard to its long term weaknesses It had been humiliated at the battle of Adowa in 1896 and left with 15,000 casualties. It had unredeemed lands Bismarck stated that Italy have a ' large appetite, but little teeth'.
Describe the religious long term problems that faced the Liberal state. Roman question- this was a dilemma to Italians who were loyal to both the Pope and the State. The Pope resented his loss of temporal power and encouraged Italians not to vote.
Describe the social reform long-term problems that Italy faced. North/South divide still evident. 65% of southern Italians still illiterate They had failed to tackle emigration with 5 million moving to America between 1871-1915. In 1914 6 million moved abroad. Red Week in 1914 was a mass unrest after 3 demonstrators were killed. This led to riots known as Red Week.
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