7. John's early relations with the church

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Positive: -showed devotion to St Wulfstan, canonised in 1202. - John appointed Hubert Walter as chancellor -Patron of the church: Founded Beaulieu Abbey and made donations to Reading abbey - Charitable payments to the church (6% of his revenue granted in 1203) Early complaints: - Punished by the pope for forcing the Archbishop of Dublin into exile 1198-1203 - Benefited from vacant sees e.g Lincoln 1200-1202
Controversy over Canterbury - Archbishop Hubert Walter died July 1205 - Canterbury monks elect Reginald, John nominates John de Grey, Bishop of Norwhich. Both went to Rome for consecration - Pope saw both elections as irregular, denying them both and chose Stephen Langton instead. He was consecrated 1207. Row deepens: John invokes his 'ancient customs' allowing him to refuse Langton entry to England. -Innocent responds by placing England under interdict March 1208 - John confiscates church property, and the monks of Canterbury go into exile, so John is excommunicated November 1209. All feudal oaths are invalid, so barons were encouraged to renounce their homage from John
Reconciliation: John made peace with the pope in 1213. Why? - John needs papal support and needed to avoid deposition by barons due to the threat of invasion from Philip Augustus - Unrest from his barons - Wanted to gain support so he could recapture his Angevin lands Terms of John's peace - Interdict and Excommunication lifter - John's lands (England and Ireland) surrender as a papal fief to England - Langton accepted as archbishop - Exiles to return - Restore all property seized from the Church - compensate to the Church 10 000 marks - All terms humiliating?
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