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beat up hit (a person) repeatedly and violently
break down stop working (for machines, cars, etc)
break in enter a building illegally
break out (of diseases, fires, etc) appear suddenly
break up separate, split
bring out release, publish (a new product, magazine, ect)
bring up mention (a subject);raise (children) sacar un tema / vomitar / criar
dump into meet by chance encuentro casual
call off postpone; cancel
calm dowm become less excited or upset
carry on seguir
carry out do, conduct (research, an investigation, etc) llevar a cabo
catch on become popular
catch up reach the same point alcanzar
catch up with reach; learn the latest news about ponerse al día con
check in sign the register at a hotel; tell the airline
cheer up become happier, make someone happier
clear up become brighter (for the weather) aclararse
close down stop doing business
come about happen suceder
come across find (often by chance) toparse
come between cause trouble or disagreement (between people) / interponerse entre
come down lower, decrease (for prices, etc)
come down with get a minor illness
come into inherit heredar
come off - leave (a stage (curso), football pitch (estadio) - resultar (ella resultó inteligente) - graduarse - quitarse de (fumar) - salir de (droga)
come on develop, improve
come out (of) come out on top come out with salir (de) (aparecer, hacerse público, salir del armario, lanzar, salir a relucir) win (salir victorioso/ triunfante) venirle a alguien con / lanzar al mercado
come over arrive from another country (ussually to live)
come to regain consciousness after fainting (recuperar la consciencia después de un desmayo)
come up appear (on screen, etc); be going to happen
come up with have, create, invent, think of (an idea) (tener una idea)
cross off put a line through an item on a list (tachar)
cross out put a line through (tachar)
cut down cut until it falls (for trees)
cut down on do/eat less of something
cut off disconnect
die out become extinct
dig up remove from the ground (desenterrar)
do without manage to survive without
drop out leave a course, etc before the end
eat up reduce, decrease (profits (utilidades), etc) terminar comida
end up finally arrive at a particular place or in a particular situation; finally do
fill in complete (an application form, etc)
find out discover
fit in be accepted as a member of a group
flick through turn over and look at the pages (of a magazine, etc) quickly
get away leave home, work, etc in order to take a break
get black (to someone) reply, repond, contact again
get back return
get back together start a relationship again after having split up (romper)
get by survive on little money
get down to start doing seriously work (work, revision, etc)
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