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Absolute cell reference When a cell mentioned in a formula is referred to and is not affected by the location of the cell containing the formula.
Chain e-mails E-mails that encourage you to make copies and forward to many people, they are usually negative or useless. If received, they should be deleted or shown to an adult.
AUP Acceptable User Policies are agreements that state what the users are allowed to do on the organisations website.
Client A person who wants the new system.
Actuators Output devices that can be made to move in response to a signal sent by the computer.
Closed questions Questions where answers are limited and have to be one of the options given.
Control software Software that is used to programme robots and devices so they can act remotely and automatically.
Analog signals Electrical signals that vary continuously.
Copyright A legal right given to someone who has produce documents, pictures or music. It means that other people cannot use it or copy it without the permission of the copyright owner.
Application Software Computer program that is designed to carry out specific jobs.
Artwork The version of a document that is sent to a printer.
Corrupt The data in a file is not legible or accessible because it is changed of damaged in a way that can not be read by the CPU.
ATM An 'automated teller machine' allows bank customers check, deposit and withdraw money from their bank account.
Cyber Bullying Using computer, mobile phones or network technology to make someone unhappy or uncomfortable.
Avatar A picture chosen to represent yourself- a safer alternative to using a real picture.
Data Raw figures of words with out context or meaning
AVERAGE A spreadsheet function that calculates the average of a set of values.
Databases Collections of data and records stored in tables.
Backups / Backing up data Copies of data stored in a different rotation incase the original is lost, stolen of corrupted.
Data controller The person in an organisation that is in charge of insuring that the organisation follows the rules in the Data Protection act of 1998.
Biometrics Using human features, such as finger time, as a method of identification.
Data Protection Act A law that was introduced in 1998 that insures that data is lawfully obtained, handled and processed.
Boots up A process when the computer is switched on and automatically performs a set of processes to allow the computer to be used.
Data redundancy When data is stored more than once in a table. This is also called data duplication.
Budget A financial plan to show/indicate how much money can be spent on a particular project or a part of the project.
Data subjects Are the people whom data is stored and who own the data.
Buffers Temporary storage areas in a printer where documents that are waiting to be printed are stored/held.
Data types Descriptions of the types of data being stored in a cell, for example text, numbers or date.
CAD Computer Aided Design is software that uses computers to draw a design of a product.
Data users People or organisation that store of use the data.
CAD Computer Aided Manufacture is software that uses computers to control tools to manufacture or assemble products.
Deadline An established/ agreed date by which tasks have to be completed.
CCTV Closed circuit television is an unmanned, remotely mounted video camera system that is used to transmit live pictures back to a television screen where developments can be monitored and recorded.
DTP software Desktop publishing software is a type of application software, used to create frame based documents containing text and images.
Devices Pieces of hardware.
Digita signals Signals that have two values, off or on, in binary form.
Dongle A small piece of hardware that connects to a computer's USB port. It allows the user to access other software.
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