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emission spectra. Each coloured line represents an electron dropping form a higher, to a lower energy level.
light emitting diodes give out light of a single wavelength, monochromatic light. Red light will be approximately 750nm
one polariser will make light plane polarised. Two polarisers perpendicular to each other will block all light
light reflected from shiny surfaces will also be plane polarised
sometimes microwaves are grouped in with radio waves because they are all used for communications. microwaves have shorter wavelengths, typically centimetres long
hot objects like the Sun emit continuous spectra. The hydrogen and helium that the Sun is made from will absorb some energy leading to absorption lines. These lines prove what the Sun is made from.
the vibration (oscillation) producing a transverse wave is across the direction of travel of the wave.
the peak to peak distance will be on a time graph will be the period, T. The peak to peak distance on a distance graph will be the wavelength
The y axis will be the displacement of the wave. The maximum displacement is called the amplitude. This occurs at peaks and troughs.
if the frequency of oscillation producing a wave is increased the wavelength will decrease.
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