Domain 11 - Taking Care of the Earth Test Review Part 2

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Kindergarten domain 11 review

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What does it mean to make an effort to do something? It means to try very hard.
When you use less of something, what are you doing? reducing
What symbol is a triangle made out of arrows? recycling symbol
Is throwing trash out the window a solution to taking care of the earth? NO!
What can we do with dinner leftovers to help take care of the earth? We can compost.
What are we conserving when we turn off the lights? electricity
Is letting the water run for 15 minutes while we wash our hands a good way to conserve water? No!
If you throw your paper bag on the ground, are you taking care of the earth? no!
If you draw on both sides of a piece of paper before recycling it, are you taking care of the earth? Yes!
If your dad rides his bike to work instead of driving his car, is he taking care of the earth? Yes!
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