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When was the evacuation of Allied troops from Dunkirk? May 1940
Why did the troops have to be evacuated? The speed of the German's advance took the Allies by surprise. In April 1940 the German army invaded France. This invasion was so swift the British army and some of the French army was pushed back to the beaches of Dunkirk. The troops were trapped between the German army and the British channel.
What were the British worried about? The British were worried that the entire British army would be wiped out before the war even got underway. This was a very real danger.
What was 'Operation Dynamo'? On the 27th May 1940 Winston Churchill and the British government launched a plan called 'Operation Dynamo'. The aim of this operation was to evacuate the troops to Britain by boat.
Who helped with the evacuation? As well as the Royal navy, all sorts of ships including pleasure streamers and fishing boats came to help. Civilians also came in their small boats if they owned any to help with the evacuation. Four fifths of the soldiers were rescued.
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