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Energy P1


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How many energy types are there? 7
What are they? Kinetic Heat Electrical Light GPE Chemical Elastic Nuclear
What is the law of conservation? Energy can never be created or destroyed. It is only CONVERTED to different forms
GPE increases with... height
KE increases with... speed
Electrical 200J Input Light 100J Output Sound and Light? 50J each
How do you calculate efficiency? Useful Energy Output divided by Total Energy Input all multiplied by 100% (for a percentage)
What is a TV designed to do? Transfer electrical energy into Light and Sound energy
So why do we get heat energy too? Because that energy is wasted.
What is another name for an electrical generator? A Dynamo.
What is the formula for power? Efficiency divide by Total Input
How do you calculate GPE energy? mXgXh m=mass g= gravitational field strength h=height
How do you work out Energy? Energy= power X time
What is a Watt? A measure of Joules per seconds. J/s
What is a Kilo-Watt? A thousand of these.... so-called Watts
There are two measures for Energy, power and time. What are they? E=p X t (J)=(w) X (s) and... (KWh)=(Kw) X (h)
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