Love (III) - George Herbert


Here are my notes on the poem Love III for English IGCSE. Enjoy!
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"Love" Personification of God God is the embodiment of the ultimate love, not a figure of vengeance or stern judgement
"Love III" The 3rd kind of love, not passionate or family-love, but love for God
"Guilty of dust and sin" Compared to the face of perfection, we feel 'dusty' and 'sinful' We feel unworthy, yet Love still wants to know us 'Dust' connotes to the dust of which we were made: We are guilty of being human, which automatically connotes to sin
"Who made the eyes but I?" Encourages the created to look upon the Creator No creation of his is unworthy Divine love compensates for all human weaknesses
"let my shame go where it doth deserve" Person argues that he is fit for Hell However, Love "Bore the blame", as man has admitted his sins and repented, now Jesus bears his sins - He is forgiven
"My dear, then I will serve" Response to forgiveness 'My dear' Signifies close relationship with God. And endearing term.
"So I did sit and eat" Love has entered the person, as he has tasted it (taken it into his own body) Love now dwells in him Could link to the Last Supper: He is now considered an apostle, a follower of God
Structured as dialogue Effect is powerful and immediate Shows how much Love talks to us in our everyday lives
Structure Constant structure, and ABABCC rhyme scheme: God's love is constant and will always be there
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