Tiger in the Menagerie - Emma Jones


This is my personal analysis of this poem, and the only way I can understand it. I know there are loads more interpretations, but this is the one that works for me. Enjoy! =)
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"No one could say how the tiger got into the menagerie" Unexpected, inexplicable French -> Menage -> Family/ relationship
"It was too flash, too blue" 'Blue' - cold feeling starting to creep into the relationship Emphasizes unexpectedness
"the bars were the lashes of the stripes, the stripes were the lashes of the bars" Confusion. Relationship is beginning to doubt itself No capitals or punctuation: Nor order, chaos
"Shed its fretwork" Fretwork: Symmetrical design, representing balance. Balance in the relationship is lost, starting to crumble into chaos.
"when the sun rose they'd gone" Animals in the menagerie are all dead. There is no more menagerie, no more relationship. Individuals are left hurt and consumed with anger
"If the aviary could, it would lock its door" If it could, the menagerie (relationship) would have stopped the violence from entering Violence unlocked the doors - broke the bonds - individuals can now escape the relationship, leaving each other
Structure Irregular rhymes, suggesting tiger, or violence, cannot be controlled
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