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What does the "Centering" mechanism include? The Cloacal Energies, the Gait(controls walking movements), the Hyoid(orientation in space AND brain hemispheric balance), the Atlas
What does "Cloaca" mean? It refers to the combined urinary, anal and reproductive organs in lower animals.
What are Cloacal energies in humans involved with? With the synchronisation of cranial motion with sacral motion (centering)
How many basic energy circuits do Cloacal energies form? 8 basic energy circuits around the body, the most important of the 43 different electromagnetic fields surrounding the body.
When is it particularly important to balance the Cloacals? If a client arrives in a frazzled state(traffic, rushing). For grounding. Scoliosis, MS, ME, nervous diseases, low energy AND if lymphatics not good?, do it mid treatment.
How many bands of Cloacal energy are there? 4 on the front(anterior) of the body: 2 IPSILATERAL(same side of the body), and 2 CONTRALATERAL(across the body)
What is the shortcut for testing the Cloacals? TL to the mid eyebrow point either side while testing the SIM (if centering is relevant OR the energetical finger mode shows)
What is the name for the middle of eyebrow? Supraorbital foramen
Where do you hold for posterior correction? The PARIETAL NOTCH(behind the ear, small indentation near the top of the ear) and at the SACRO-TUBERAL LIGAMENT(the junction of the sacrum and coccyx)
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