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What was Ignaz Semmelweis key idea? Washing hands to prevent infection
Who was the dentist who first used ether as an anaesthetic William Morton
Name the four people who solved the problem of storing blood Lewisohn, Weil Rous and Turner
Name the two main people involved in the discorvery of the structure of DNA. James Watson Francis Crick
Name the man who wrote the report that reccomended the setting up of the NHS William Berveridge
What is Paul Ehrlich famous for? Discovered the first magic bullet.
What was Joseph Bazalgette's contribution to public health? designed and built the London sewers
Who was responsible for the discovery of the idea of blood groups? Karl Landsteiner
Why was Edwin Chadwick important in public health? Wrote a report that reccomended improvements in living conditions. Wanted medical officers and clean water supplies
How did florence Nightingale improve hospitals? Better ventilation, sanitation and hygiene
Name the minister for health who introduced the NHS in 1948 Nye Bevan
Who made chloroform safe as an anaesthetic. How did they do this? John Snow Developed the chloroform inhaler that made it possible to regulate the dosage.
Name the two renaissance doctors key to the course. What was their area of expertise? William harvery - circulation of the blood Andreas Vesalius - Anatomy.
What was Edward Jenner's key contribution to medicine. DEvloped the first vaccine - for Smallpox.
What key piece of equipment did Lister develop? how did this help surgery? Carbolic spray prevented infection
What were Florey and Chain interested in? Who's ideas did they develop? Penicillin. Alexander Fleming.
Name the person who introduced the theory of the 4 humours Hippocrates
Give two reasons why Robert Koch was so important in the development of medicine and surgery Showed diesease in humans caused by germs steam steriliser
Who had a giraffe in his study and made an important contribution to the development of scientific method John Hunter
Name the person who tried to create equality for women who wanted to become doctors. Elizabeth Garret Anderson.
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