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Imperialism The policy of extending control of a region or regions by one nation
Tariff A duty or tax a country charges on imports
Tribunal A court or board appointed to judge a particular matter
Subsidy Financial assistance granted by government in support of a business regarded as being in the public interest
Hinterland The remote and less developed area around a community
Sam Steele -Enforces Canadian laws - -against working on Sundays. -One of the most important members of the NWMP.
Clifford Sifton -Become Laurier's Minister of the Interior, in charge of immigration. -Committed to populating the area -launched a vigorous recruitment program to lure newcomers away from cities to prairie homesteads
Henri Bourassa Founded a newspaper (le devoir) to announce his disagreement against Laurier's naval policy
Doukhobors -A group of Russians -left their homeland because service in the army was against their religious beliefs (push factor) and they were in search of free land (pull factor)
Dreadnought The first "all-big-gun" battleship with ten 30cm guns in sturrets and a top speed of 21 knots
Robert Dunsmuir -Founded Dunsmuir coal and a castle in victoria BC -was an industrialist
Komagata Maru -A ship that transported 354 Sikh immigrants to Vancouver. -Ship left Hong Kong on April 4, 1914 -Arrived in Vancouver on May 23.
Township A division of a country with some corporate powers
WCTU Women's Christian Temperance Union supported prohibition, and they supported women's suffrage because they believed most women supported prohibition.
Depression A period of low economic activity marked by high unemployment
Prohibition The banning of the selling/consumption of alcohol
Suffragist A person who advocates extending the right to vote, especially to women.
Tenement A crowded, usually cheap, building w/ many apartments. Often owned by a company and rented to its workers.
Ghetto A slum area of a city; also and area of a city inhabited by a minority group
Sourdough Someone who'd been a prospector for a long period of time
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