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Clause group of words containing a verb
nouns words used to identify everything around us (people, places and things)
Common and concrete nouns Name the things around us that can be touched, smelled, tasted etc. e.g. book, bed
Proper nouns names, places and things with capital letters e.g. Kayla, Queensland
Abstract nouns name emotions, concepts and qualities e.g. love, education, intelligence
collective nouns take a singular verb and a pronoun e.g. class, team
pronouns used to replace nouns e.g. he, she, they ,we ,you
Verbs words that tell us what happened, what is going to happen and what will happen "action words" e.g. i eat, you ate, he ran
adjectives describe nouns, they explain what kind of colour, shape, size, how many e.g. gorgeous, blue, tiny
adverbs provide more information about verbs e.g. it often rains, he quickly ran
prepositions used to link nouns with other words e.g. in, on ,at ,near
conjuctions Joining words e.g. and, or, but, because
interjections are 'thrown' into the sentence to show an emotion or attitude e.g. yuk, Hey!
definite article 'the' is used to refer to a noun e.g. feed the dog, close the door
indefinite article 'a' and 'an' refer to any general noun e.g. buy me an ice cream
capital letters used at beginning of sentences and proper nouns
full stops end of a sentence
Question marks show that a question requiring an answer has been asked
commas help to break up long sentences and create pauses
Apostrophes A) to replace missing letters e.g Let's party (let us party), You're boring (You are boring) B) they indicate something is owned e.g my father's office, Ashley's party
quotation marks used to show when someone is actually speaking "Hi, how are you" said Tia
Brackets enclose words, clauses or phrases. Which are inserted into a sentence as an afterthought of explanation
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