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What is classification? It is organising living organisms into groups
What are the 5 KINGDOMS in classification Plant, Animal, Fungi, Protoctists, Prokaryotes
What are the characteristics of plants? They are: contain CHLOROPHYLL, are AUTOTROPHS, photosynthesis, MULTIcellular and have CELL WALLS
What are the characteristics of animals? Heterotrophs -cant make their own food, MUTLIcellular (don't have chlorophyll)
What are the characteristics of Fungi? They are: SAPROPHYTES - feed off dead organisms and decaying material (nice :P) , MULTIcellular, have CELL WALL, NO chlorophyll.
What are the characteristics of Protoctists? They are: UNIcellular, have a nucleus (e.g Algae)
What are the characteristics of Prokaryotes? The are: UNIcellular, DON'T have a nucleus,(e.g Bacteria)
Why is it hard to classify organisms. Give an example? They are too closely related and have many similarities that other species may have in a different class. (E.g, Duck-billed Platypus and Virus)
Give an example of a phylum. Chordata
What are animals divided into? Vertebrates and Invertebrates
What are the 3 main things (groups) scientists divide vertebrates by? 1. How they absorb oxygen - lungs,gills or skin 2. How the Reproduce - Oviparous, Viviparous, externally or internally 3. How they regulate internal body temperature - Homeothermic, Poikilothermic
What does the Genus refer to? The first part of the binomial system - Homo
What does Species refer to? the Second part of the binomial system (sapiens)
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