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Study of Rome

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Cloaca Maxima What is it? What is it? → One of the worlds earliest sewer systems → Constructed in order to drain local marshes and remove the waste from Rome into the Tiber river → Originally an open-air canal (big enough to fit hay wagon – Strabo) before being covered up
What is the purpose of the Cloaca Maxima? Purpose → Drain marshy land → Religious significance – Cloacina → Shows Roman power as they managed to build it despite physical obstacles → Acted as a sewer system for Roman population – still used today.
What is the Roman Forum? What is it? → public meeting place → Became centre of Rome and of public life → Located in small valley between Palatine Hills → Its placement in the central part of the city dates back to the time of the Tarquin kings → Cloaca Maxima was built to provide proper drainage of the marshy land between the hills → When the land was properly drained and dry, this area naturally became a central gathering location for the Etruscan inhabitants. → When the Roman Republic came to be in 509 B.C., this area retained its public use
What is the purpose of the Roman Forum? Purpose → public meeting place → Functioned as important place for o Politics o Economics o Administrates o Religious Festivals/ functions → During Republic was where processions and elections took place, and eventually where the Roman Senate gathered
What is the Campus Martius? What is it? → 250 hectares of low lying plains enclosed by bend in Tiber river → Originally used primarily as a military exercise ground before being drained (1st century BCE) and became covered with large public buildings – baths, amphitheatre, theatres, gymnasium, crematorium and many temples. → Villa Publica, Circus Flaminius, and Pompeys theatre
What is the purpose of the Campus Martius? Purpose → public meeting place → Outside Pomerium o Fighting allowed o Foreign ambassadors o Foreign cults + temples → Pasturing sheep and agriculture before being built up → Starting point for triumphs + religious festivals
What is the Via Sacra? What is it? → Main street of ancient Rome – ran through the Forum → leads form the top of the Capitoline Hill through religious sites of the Forum before reaching the Colosseum
What is the purpose of the Via Sacra? Purpose → Continually filled with religious festivals → Filled with: o Triumphs of generals o Business o Justice o Religion o Social
What is the form of the Basilica Aemila? Form → 55-34 BCE → Civil Basilica → 100 metres long 30 metres wide – rows of African marbled columns
What is the function of the Basilica Aemilia? Function → Basilicas were large roofed halls erected for o transacting business o disposing of legal matters → advertised grandeur of Rome → contained an apse (arch) in which a magistrate sat → on its 200th anniversary Pliny claimed it was one of the most beautiful buildings in Rome
THE CITY OF ROME Geographical Setting and influences on development of city: → Originally marshy land that was prone to flooding and air borne/ mosquito borne diseases like malaria → Cloaca Maxima essentially drained the land and the people were able to build on it → Very sophisticated city plan → Romans built upwards due to large population → Made artificial harbour that saved Rome from flooding → Built in between seven hills → Tiber river was good for navigation and trade but avoided being too close to coast to avoid attack → Fertile plains and rivers → Commanded both banks of Tiber → Romans looked back on greatness and attributed success to different factors – religion/ gods and men chose city
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