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HARDWARE - For Sales Used by Shops Barcodes are black vertical bars and are read by a BARCODE READER
An OPTICAL MARK READER (OMR) read marks made by pencil on a printed form into the computer. OMR systems are suitable for reading pre-printed forms and check boxes e.g. National Lottery selection number sheets and multiple choice exam papers.
Barcodes are on every product you buy and are unique to each product. When a barcode is read, the information stored in the shops's database is recalled e.g. the product name and price. This scanning process also helps stock management by reducing the stock when the product is scanned/sold.
Magnetic stripe is built into plastic cards such as credit and debit cards. They are read by a MAGNETIC STRIPE READER. Data stored on the magnetic strip is scanned and input into a computer system via the magnetic stripe reader. Examples of data stored can include bank account details.
Magnetic ink characters are read by MAGNETIC INK CHARACTER READERS (MICR). Magnetic ink characters appear at the bottom of a cheque. Banks use the MICR to read the numbers at the bottom of the cheque to get data e.g. account numbers and bank sort codes.
A special font is used to make it easy for the reader to discriminate the characters. The ink is magentised to make it immune to creases and dirty marks.
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