Monitornig and Control


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What is Monitoring? The process of being aware of what is happening around you
Webcams They can be used to watch over people or businesses, just like CCTV, and images are viewed over the Internet
Webcams 2 Webcams can be placed in situations where it would be unsafe or unsuitable for human beings to stay for long or go at all!
Webcams 3 Scientists can watch animals/plants or natural events using webcams They can then make images available on the Internet This is preferable to intruding on them and often used for remote monitoring of nesting birds
Electronic Tags - Animals These can be placed on people or animals to track movements. Birds can have a ring placed around the leg to collect data. They would need to be recaptured in order to record the data, although it doesn’t tell the scientist where it’s been. Larger birds or marine life can have an in-built GPS, which will record their progress around the world
Electronic Tags - People Sometimes the tag is able to transmit the whereabouts of that person. This is sometimes used for people who suffer from conditions that make them forgetful, although this can be seen as an invasion of their privacy. Tags are usually used on people who have been convicted of a criminal offence
Monitoring Alcohol Use Tags can be fitted to people who drink too much alcohol. A monitor fitted onto an ankle can be used to check how much alcohol someone has drunk. Many people use it voluntarily but the courts can order an offender like a drunk driver to wear one e.g. Lindsay Lohan
How Acohol Tags work Once an hour it fires a jet of air into the skin and vaporises any alcohol found. This amount if measured and recorded. Every night this data is sent through a ‘modem’ to a monitoring company for analysis. The data helps to keep track of the amount the person has taken. The court will be informed if the person violates any restrictions they have been given
Cars These can be electronically tagged with a device that can send details of their location. Electronic tagging of cars and people uses the Mobile Phone network so that details can be sent back to a control centre. The location is known by a GPS (Satellite Navigation technology) receiver in the device
Benefits of Tagging - Security e.g. anti-terrorism - Justice e.g. tracking individuals - Privacy e.g. surveillance of public areas - Health e.g. alerting paramedics in emergencies
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