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What is a manifest, what type of file is it and what is its purpose? TBD
How do you create a manifest? TBD
If a command is specified in both the manifest AND the command line, what happens? The command in the manifest is ignored
What happens if a deployment option is not specified at all? TBD
What happens if I don't specify a deployment option at all? cf push will default all deployment options
How do you create a manifest? Using text editor, or cf create-app-manifest APP_NAME
A single manifest can describe multiple applications. True or false? True
What line must a child manifest contain to point to its parent manifest? inherit
What is the minimal manifest file requires? application name
What is a manifest? What type of file is it? What is its purpose? It is a YAML file that describes the application deployment options.
Multiple manifests file can be used to describe an application. True or false? True
If I specify a command in a manifest and on the command line what happens? the cf push CLI options always take precedence over manifest file.
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