Constructing Psychometric Tests

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What is the critical values of Cronbach's Alpha? 0.7 acceptable, but anything below 0.8 worth improving
What is test-retest reliability? How is it measured? Test needs to measure same thing over period of time, same respondents resit on same/similar test at later time, correlation between performance at two times gives test-retest reliability
What is validity? Test measures what it intends to measure
What is content validity? Does it adequately sample aspects of topic being tested
What is predictive validity? If it predicts those individuals who possess the attributes which the test intended to measure
What is construct validity? Hypotheses can be derived from predicting relationship between the construct and other variables. Pattern of correlations between test and other measures is predicted
What is the first stage of constructing a test? Outline the content areas of your test
What is the second stage of constructing a test? Construct test items which appear to measure the trait/ability/skill
What is the third step of constructing a test? Check as far as possible that the questions have content validity
Once the first draft of a test is done, what is it then important to do? Test as many people as possible, analysizing for internal reliability of test using Cronbach's Alpha.
How do you confirm the validity of a test? Concurrent validity with exciting measures, predictive validity for whatever the test is designed to measure, construct validity based on predictions of high/medium/low correlations
It is important that items can be scored in what way? An umambigous way
What are the problem with rating scales? People either avoid extremes or stick to extremes
What is the problem with having a 'don't know' answer? Hard to score, people vary in using it, doesn't tell you much
What are two characteristics of a poor question? Correlate only weakly with overall test score, ones most people answer in the same way
What are the features of the item pool of the draft of test? Large, a professional would expect to reject at least half of initial question pool
What type of questions are worth using as different markers can easily and reliability mark them, with guessing controlled and is discriminative? Multiple choice questions
What are the important rules in item construction? Write simple items, all distractors should distract, only one option should be correct, answer of one question should not hint at another, avoid testing triva
What are the four types of psychometric tests? Ability, motivation, neuropsychological, personality
What are the characteristics of open format items? Written response, require detailed and not set responses, qualitative data, time consuming and subjective interpretation
What are closed format questions? Short question or statement followed by number of options
What is the aim of closed questions? It is to be able to quantify respondents answers to give information you want to know.
What three sources to use when constructing a test? Theoretical literature, experts, and colleagues
How many items did Kline say a good psychometric should have? 15-20
What are the necessary properties of psychometric tests? Reliability and validity, survey seek to accurately describe population, psychometric tests aim to accurately discrimate individuals
What is the recommended number of participants per items for testing a draft test? 5
What embarrassing questions bad? Ethics, participants may give wrong information or not complete rest of questionaire
What is reliability? Test should measure same thing consistently on different occasions
What is internal consistency? Do all the items measure the same thing, is the test self-consitent
Why shouldn't you ask hypothetical questions? (Do not ask participants what they would do in a situation they may not ever find themselves in) Get a response about situation person has never thought about over real view
What is consistency over time? Same score on future occassions
What is a good way to test participants are answering properly? Reverse wording, to see if participant provides contradictory answers
Why do we seek high reliability? Maximum correlation between two variables depends on reliability of measures
How can means be used to identify poor questions? Particularly high or low shows everyone is answering in same way
What is face validity, and how can it be measured? Measures what it appears to measure, third person rating of individual
How much error is associated with each item in a test? It is random, may increase or decrease score
Cronbach's alpha is used to measure... Internal reliability
What does the Cronbach's alpha do? Estimates average correlation of the tests with other tests of the same length taken from same universe of items
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