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Who was in power when Shakespeare first began writing? Queen Elizabeth
Who was in power when Shakespeare finished writing? King James
What are the four types of plays that Shakespeare wrote? Histories, Comedies, Tragedies, Romances
Which plays are considered Shakespeare's "top four"? Othello, King Leer, Hamlet, Macbeth
What type of play is The Tempest? A Romance
What historical events provided Shakespeare with material for many of his history plays? The War of the Roses
Shakespeare's history plays can be organized into two tetrets (4 parts). How are they ordered chronologically? Richard the 2nd, Henry 4 (p1), Henry 4 (p2), Henry 5. Henry 6 (p1), Henry 6 (p2), Henry 6 (p3), Richard 3.
Where did Shakespeare often write and why? In public places to save on candles
What are Shakespeare's rough drafts called? Foul Papers
What are Shakespeare's final drafts called? Fair Papers
What is the Playhouse Copy? A master copy of the play that the playhouse will make and use as a prompt book
What copy of the script did actors get, and what was special about it? Actor sides, which only contained their lines/part
When was Shakespeare's work first published, and what was this version called? 1623, the First Folio
Who took Shakespeare's work to get it published? His friends, Heminge and Condell
Who sits at the top of the Chain of Being? God
Who sits below God on both the religious and secular sides of the Chain of Being? The King and the Pope
Where do actors sit on the Chain of Being? Why? Below thieves, above prostitutes. They were believed to steal people's identity.
Who is Prospero? A "magician", the previous Duke of Milan
Who is Miranda, and what is so special about her? Prospero's daughter. She has never seen another man or woman.
Who is Ariel? A fairy on the island who was imprisoned in a tree for 12 years.
Who is Caliban? A beast on the island. Son of Sycorax, tried to rape Miranda.
Who is Antonio? Prospero's brother, who took over ruling Milan.
Who is Alonso? The King of Naples, rival of Prospero.
Who is Gonzalo? Faithful servant of Alonso who put Prospero and Miranda on a boat (with books) which brought them to the island.
Who is Sebastian? Alonso's brother.
Who is Ferdinand? Alonso's son, falls in love with Miranda.
Who is Sycorax? An evil witch on the island who imprisoned Ariel, mother of Caliban.
Who are Stephano and Trinculo? Stephano: drunken butler of the King. Trinculo: drunken jester.
Who conspired to usurp Prospero as Duke of Milan? Antonio along with Alonso.
Who conspired to usurp Prospero on the island? Caliban, with Stephano and Trinculo.
Who are the author's of the three essays? Frye, Cantor, Coby
Who said that the Tempest was "mysterious"? Frye
What are the three reasons for the Tempest being "mysterious"? There is no source for the play. It is thought to be Shakespeare's farewell to his art. It's the second half of a story.
Who said that the Tempest was a "play within a play" or "both process and product"? Frye
What did Frye say could be a dramatic source for the Tempest? Commedia dell'Arte
Who said that the island itself is magical and can be used for good OR evil? Frye
What is Ferdinand's quest, ordeal, and vision? Q: Search for father. O: Log bearing. V: Masque.
What are Gonzalo and the "three men of sin"'s quests, ordeals, and visions? Q: search for Ferdinand. O: "forthrights and meanders". V: (Gonzalo) Commonwealth, (3 men) Harpy banquet.
What are Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo's quests, ordeals, and visions? Q: Search for Prospero. O: Horsepond. V: (Caliban) Dream of music, (S&T) "Trumpery".
Who said that the Tempest was haunted by the passing and importance of time? Frye
Who said that the Tempest is about the idea of release and to be set free? Frye
What did Frye say the total effort of Prospero's magic is used to do? Transform the Court Party from the lower to the higher aspect of nature.
Who said that the action of the play was a "transformation within nature"? Frye
According to Frye, what do the goddesses represent? Earth, sky, and rainbow. A contract.
Who used the phrase "The illusion of reality and the reality of illusion"? Frye
What did Frye say was a question being raised by Shakespeare? Is a "natural society" possible? To live in harmony with nature
Who said that Prospero as a protagonist was a "wise man", typically a subordinate character? Cantor
According to Cantor, what are typical types of protagonists and what drives them? Lovers and Tyrants. Sexual desire, greed, and ambition.
According to Cantor, why did Prospero decide to return as Duke of Milan? Not out of lust for power, but a sense of duty
Who said that Propsero demonstrates reason as the "true source of nobility"? Cantor
Who said that Prospero demonstrates "philosophical calm and detachment" or "the contemplative rather than the active life"? Cantor
Who said that we are "less impressed by the activity of the characters in pursuing their ends than by the wisdom or foolishness than the ends they pursue"? Cantor
Who said that through the Tempest, we see how the usurper's imagination can deceive and how the force of desire can distort perception (blind them)? Cantor
According to Cantor, what is the usurper obsessed with? Titles only (hallowness of desire) and not the responsibility that comes from the title
Does the usurper see only EXTERNAL meaning or INTERNAL process? Who said this? External meaning, Cantor
Who said that the Tempest stresses "the difference among men in wisdom"? Cantor
Why is the intensity of the love story muted? Who said this? So that Prospero can remain center-stage. Cantor
Who is Prospero a surrogate for? Who said this? The Playwright (Shakespeare). Cantor.
Who said that the audience gets a double perspective so that we recognize the difference between knowledge and lack of it? Cantor
Who said that the Tempest is about heroism of the mind? Cantor
Who said that the Tempest shows the contrast between natural and conventional authority/rule? Coby
According to Coby, who is at the top in natural rule and why? Prospero because he has the most knowledge of human ends and art
According to Coby, what is Ariel a desire for? Freedom and the contemplative life, as hiding his head in the political sand.
Who said that Prospero learned how to be a duke on the island? Coby
Who said that Caliban is a reminder of evil and that it needs to be fought? Coby
Who said that Caliban raises anger, which can serve political engagement? Coby
According to Coby, what are constant reminders for political involvement? Children (Miranda)
According to Coby, what does Prospero use as a political man to accomplish his aims? Both science and poetry (magic and music)
According to Coby, who has poetic illusion invested with the qualities of the divine? Ferdinand and Miranda
According to Coby, poetry inspires love. What does love transform Ferdinand into? An innocent
Who said that poetry can be used to "toughen the soul"? Coby
What did Coby say poetry helps to fortify against? The Caliban within
According to Coby, what does poetry do for Caliban? Provides harmless pleasures to distract from hard labour and curb malicious designs
According to Coby, what does poetry teach Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo? The natural difference among men, encourages deference, and makes them check their conceit of wisdom.
According to Coby, what does poetic illusion teach Alonso and company? That Nature demands justice and punishes wrongdoers
According to Coby, what does poetry suggest to Gonzalo? Benevolence and mercy from a providential power
Who said that everyone in the Tempest has been made to be a child so that they experience the world as new and wonderous? Coby
According to Coby, who represents the "adult" view, and what does this view say that the world is an opportunity for? Antonio. Exploitation, profit and gain.
Who says that Prospero is providing a test for Antonio, which he is failing? Coby
Who said that poetry is being used to lead us to ennoblement and redemption through self-discipline and remorse? Coby
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