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Email E.g. Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Google(Gmail) Contact people quickly, no cost, archive Versatile - pictures/attachments, send to groups Chat E.g. Facebook, MSN Messanger, Snapchat Instant messaging - real-time, private
Forum E.g. Wiki/Yahoo Answers, The Student Room Online discussion site - hold conversations in order to ask questions and find answers. Download Services E.g. iTunes/Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon Download games/music/books/other apps, not hard copy which are more expensive.
Profile - Online biography that shows information written by an individual about themselves. Network of friends - group of friends online that are linked together in some way e.g. Facebook. Chat - Communication online in real time in a private chatroom usually between 2 or 3 people. Netiquette - Online etiquette, the way you should behave online e.g. being aware of people's feelings. Online Community - a group of people that are linked together by a common interest. Virtual World - the world of the online community (i.e. not the real world) Chatroom - A virtual setting where groups of people can communicate in real time, and they may not necessarily know each other.
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