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Academic Having to do with learning in school
Attorney Work Product Material or information gathered by an attorney in anticipation of litigation; protected by the attorney-client privilege
Caption Title or text at the head of an area of print or under a picture
Compromise To make less dependable
Diary Date A scheduled time a file must be reported on
Documentation Backup material with a report to support the facts reported
Font A typeface or size and style of type (letters)
Form A sheet or paper or page in a computer with blanks to be filled in
Grammar manner of speech or writing with reference to common usage
Hard copy printed material as opposed to digital
Interim Report Any report except a first or last
Medium Something through which something else can be communicated
Opinion What a person thinks about something; not necessarily proven
Preemployment Before someone is hired
Proofreader Something who reads materials and notes or corrects errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling.
Snail Mail Slang term among e-mail users for postal service- delivered mail
Software A set of programmed instructions
Template A page in a computer with blanks to be filled in.
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