New Allspice Usage Guide

Elizabeth Dailey
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Elizabeth Dailey
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Graduate HOSP7116 - Brewing Materials (Week 3 - Other Grain & Adjuncts) Flowchart on New Allspice Usage Guide, created by Elizabeth Dailey on 09/15/2017.

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  • Allspice
  • These berries are dried and available
  • Ground
  • Whole
  • Recommended form to purchase, as freshly ground allspice will provide the best flavor and aroma.
  • When to add allspice to your brew depends on the effect you want it to have on your finished beer.
  • Do you want more flavor or more aroma?
  • Not highly recommended for use in brewing, as a spice's essential oils rapidly oxidize once ground.
  • Flavor
  • Both
  • Aroma
  • Neither
  • How much aroma do you want?
  • Do not use allspice.
  • Some aroma
  • Little to no aroma
  • Grind and add  to the mash
  • Grind and add to the kettle during the last 5 minutes of the boil.
  • Depending on the style of beer you are brewing, you will do this...
  • "Dry hop" brew with freshly ground allspice
  • during the last 2 minutes of the boil.
  • when you turn off the heat to end the boil.
  • in the primary or secondary fermenter.
  • Make a homemade allspice potion
  • Carefully add the potion to your beer at bottling. You may need to experiment with the amount you use to achieve the best results in your final beer.
  • How much should you use?
  • Seal the container & let it sit for 1 week.
  • In a container, cover freshly crushed allspice with enough vodka to cover it thoroughly.
  • This depends on your own preference and experimentation, but 15 grams per 5 gallon batch is suggested. 
  • 45 minutes for more flavor
  • Crush berries & put them into a hop bag.
  • Steep bag of crushed berries in wort during boil
  • < 45 minutes for less flavor
  • Strain the mixture through cheesecloth to separate crushed material from the liquid potion.
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