Study Guide Flow Chart

Anna Beth Rackley
Flowchart by Anna Beth Rackley, updated more than 1 year ago
Anna Beth Rackley
Created by Anna Beth Rackley about 3 years ago


study guide flow chart to help identify the best study tools for each type of learner

Resource summary

Flowchart nodes

  • What type of study guide should I use? 
  • What type of learner are you?
  • Kinesthetic
  • Visual
  • Auditory/Verbal
  • Flash Cards
  • Board Game
  • Add movement to your study method such as a dance or maze
  • Create a flow chart or web
  • Draw a picture
  • Color code notes
  • Participate in a discussion group or study session
  • Teach to someone else
  • Record yourself reading notes
  • Partner Kahoot
  • Kahoot
  • GoConqr
  • Quizlet
  • Quizlet
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