Elements and principles of art


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Juan José Torres
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Elements and principles of art
  1. Basic elements
    1. Theme: What is about?
      1. Means: Material is used
        1. Style: Way of perceiving life
          1. Composition: Way which elements are arranged
            1. Format: General design
            2. Elements
              1. Color: Gives life to the work of art
                1. Value: Suggest difference
                  1. Line: Suggest movement in some direction
                    1. Texture: The way things feel
                      1. Shape/Form: Helps to identify if it is in two or three dimensions
                        1. Space: Area that refers to distance, etc.
                        2. Criticism approach
                          1. Description: Discovering elements
                            1. Analysis: How the work is organized
                              1. Interpretation: Discover the feelings
                                1. Judgment: Final critics
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