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The human brain processes visual information quicker than it does text1, which makes Mind Maps a fantastic study tool for learners at any level. By presenting information visually, it’s easier to understand tricky concepts and build comprehension fast.

At a glance – the benefits of online Mind Mapping:

  • Understand the context of your learning material
  • Visually represent the connections between concepts
  • Plan your projects or topics within your subjects
  • Explore concepts in greater depth and develop better recall skills

GoConqr offers you the ability to create mind maps online in a very intuitive way with our easy to use features. By developing your own mind maps you will develop a clearer understanding of your material. 

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Forensic Science


Project Scope Management Process


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Unleash your creative side for more active learning.

Being actively involved in the learning process plays an important role in achieving successful learning outcomes. Active learners’ engagement with learning material is what sets them apart from those who simply consume content in a more passive way. Creating a mind map can help information retention by immersing yourself in the topic at hand.

However, the benefits go far beyond this. Exploring and mapping concepts using this tool allows you to connect the dots between the important concepts of a topic. Making connections is the quickest way to get a firm grasp on learning material. You can even outline a complete course or learning objective overview so that you can visualise the magnitude of the content you will cover, and keep track of your progress.

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Create a bird's-eye overview of a topic in just minutes.

Mind Mapping is as intuitive as it is powerful, allowing you to break down even the most difficult of subjects and information into more assimilable, bite-size snippets. It’s also extremely time effective, enabling you to create spectacular topic overviews in a matter of minutes.

Better yet, because Mind Mapping is such a highly engaging and inventive process, it can help enrich your understanding of the material in question even while you create. Mind maps can be introduced in class to add value to lessons by illustrating the learning material, so that the student learning process is more engaging and stimulating.


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Brainstorm your way to originality.

Independent thinking is a cornerstone of education and learning. GoConqr MindMaps let you brainstorm with friends, classmates or colleagues so that you can pool together a wealth of ideas and insights on any topic you want.

Whether it’s the life and death of Martin Luther King or a understanding the fundamentals of a programming language, when you create a mind map online the connections become so much clearer! In addition, mind mapping boosts your creativity and imagination as you visualise the information and format it to create a memorable image. As you create your map, you will see how your learning material begins to make more sense.

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Delve Deeper

Don't stay on the surface - go beyond it.

GoConqr’s Mind Mapping tool not only allows you to produce clear learning content, it also lets you delve a little deeper by attaching snippets that you can fill with informative notes, pictures, video or links to other resources. You can maintain a simple visual overview while easily accessing relevant content with more depth to provide context.

MindMaps are just one of the features that lets you create highly appealing learning material by giving you total control over visual elements such as colour, font type and size, as well as the option to include images. You can also create an online Course on GoConqr and integrate MindMaps online for a holistic approach.

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Your brain is a wonderfully complex thing. Research shows that it can process images 60,000 times more quickly than it does text2!  Who doesn’t appreciate that type of efficiency saving?

GoConqr’s free MindMap generator is the best way to create stunning visual aids for your ideas. It is the perfect tool for students, teachers or professionals. Time and again our members get in touch to tell us how much a) their retention has improved and b) how much more engaged they are with their learning with MindMaps.

Make sure that you are using the most effective learning methods at your disposal by adding GoConqr MindMaps to your suite of tools.

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