The general competences of language learners of users


Mind-Map of General Competences of Language
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The general competences of language learners of users
  1. Empirical [Resulted from experience]
    1. Academic Knowledge [Formal]
      1. Declarative Knowledge (savoir)
        1. Skills and know how [savoir faire]
          1. How to use a ATM
          2. Knowledge of the correspondence between morpho-syntactical correlated with a specific language.
        2. Existential Competence [Sum of individual characteristics]
          1. Personality traits and attitudes
            1. Self-image
              1. View of otherness
                1. Willingness to socially interact and integrate into mutable individual features and the adaptable concatanations of acculturation.
                2. Example: Willingness to take initiatives or even risks in face-to-face communication
                3. The learner concatenates with environmental configurations of general competences to create his/her individual stand
                  1. Ability to learn
                    1. Communicative competences
                      1. Linguistic
                        1. Lexical
                          1. Phonological
                            1. Syntactical
                            2. Sociolinguistic
                              1. Sensibility to social conventions
                              2. pragmatic
                                1. Functional use of linguistic resources
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