word order/sentence structure


word order
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word order/sentence structure
  1. word order
    1. sentence structure : xplain the different elements of a sentence in english is: who, what, where, when,how and why
      1. who (is a subject) what (a verb): eg: flor run
        1. after who - what eg: jhon called earlier to cancel his appointment.
          1. where at the beginning of the sentence eg: on the train, jhon ate breakfast this morning.
            1. when at the beginning of the sentence eg: earlier, jhon felt sick, but now, he's alright.
              1. separating the who from the verb eg: we bought this car two years ago.
      2. position of adverbs
        1. before the main verb in the what part eg: I always make the homework.
          1. putting an adverb at the beginning of a sentence eg: sometimes,he has to work to late.
            1. negative adverbs the start of a sentence eg:never will they do it again.
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