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Spelling bee two
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Spelling bee
  1. Quarterback=Mariscal de campo
    1. The position of the quarterback is the most important on a game
    2. Synchronized=Sincronizado
      1. The hour of my clock is sinchronized to the t.v time
      2. Rhomboidal=Romboidal
        1. One of the geometrical forms is the rhomboidal
        2. Breaststroke=Braza
          1. The breaststroke is my favorite swimming style
          2. Approximate=Aproximado
            1. The approximate of Pi is 3,1416
            2. Sweepstake=Sorteo
              1. The sweepstake of the car has started
              2. Distributive=Distributivo
                1. The cake had reparted in a distributive form
                2. Polyhedron=Poliedro
                  1. The teacher told us to calculate the area of the polyhedron
                  2. Qualitative=Cualitativo
                    1. Qualitative research is a method of inquiry employed
                    2. Paralympics=Paralimpicos
                      1. My brother compited in the paralympics games
                      2. Calisthenics=Calistenia
                        1. My personal trainer told me to do calisthenic exercise
                        2. Somersault=Voltereta
                          1. I don't know how to do a somersault
                          2. Whole number= Número entero
                            1. The whole numbers are the easiest ones
                            2. Quarterfinals= Cuartos de final
                              1. Colombia achived the quarterfinals in the world cup
                              2. Polynomial=Polinomio
                                1. In the math class we are seeing polynomial
                                2. Isothermal=Isotermico
                                  1. An isothemal process is a change of a system
                                  2. Coefficient=Coeficiente
                                    1. The coefficent of my cousin is too advanced
                                    2. Symmetrical=Simetrico
                                      1. The human face is perfectly symmetrical
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