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  1. what is migration?
    1. The movement of people across a specified a boundary, national or international, to establish a new permanent place of residence
    2. impacts of migration
      1. origin
        1. the country loses social investment in education once migrant has left
          1. increased demand for housing and services
          2. less pressure on resources such as land
          3. destination
            1. increased earning and employment opportunities for the migrant
              1. separation from relatives and friends
              2. the migrant worker may face greater labour market competition in certain sectors
            2. types of migration
              1. forced
                1. violent
                  1. unemployement
                    1. low wages
                2. voluntary
                  1. work
                    1. better wages
                  2. external
                    1. internal
                      1. emigartion
                        1. immigration
                          1. return migration
                            1. seasonal migration
                              1. it menas: When people move with each season (e.g., farm workers following crop harvests or working in cities off-season).
                              2. it menas: When groups of people move back to where they came from.
                              3. it menas: Moving into a new country (e.g., the Pilgrims immigrated to America).
                              4. it menas: Leaving one country to move to another (e.g., the Pilgrims emigrated from England).
                              5. it means: Moving to a new home within a state, country, or continent.
                              6. it menas: Moving to a new home in a different state, country, or continent.
                            2. people who migrate
                              1. mostly male
                                1. between 18-25 years old
                                  1. Mexico, Philipines, China
                                    1. labour
                                    2. refugee
                                      1. emmigrant
                                        1. immigrant
                                        2. why do people migrate
                                          1. push factors
                                            1. religious persecution
                                              1. natural disaster
                                                1. violence
                                                  1. unemployment
                                                    1. low wages
                                                      1. natural hazards
                                                        1. poor medical care
                                                          1. political fear
                                                            1. environmental problems
                                                            2. bad education
                                                            3. pull factors
                                                              1. good schools/better education
                                                                1. more jobs
                                                                  1. better wages
                                                                    1. higher standard of living
                                                                      1. labour demand
                                                                        1. political and religious freedom
                                                                2. measuring
                                                                  1. census
                                                                    1. remitances
                                                                      1. language
                                                                        1. religion
                                                                          1. remitances
                                                                            1. identity- food/culture
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