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  1. Partners in Grime
    1. Why is punk mentioned in the article
      1. Most recent musical revolution.
        1. Inspiration
      2. Why does the article refer to this kind of musicians as “Schoolyard MCs”
        1. First generation surrounded by digital technology.
          1. From their garage and rooms to stars
            1. Young musicians looking for a bit of fame
            2. Features of this new kind of music
              1. New, Inventive and Atomised
              2. What could be a synonym of the Word “touted” in paragraph 6
                1. b. Advertised
              3. used to, be used to, get used
                1. I used to see my friends every Friday evening and go out with them
                  1. For the first few weeks I’ll have to get used to stay at home on Friday
                    1. But no matter what happened we used to be together every two weeks,
                      1. I mean, we didn´t use to see each other very often before that.
                        1. I just have to get used to drive on the left!
                          1. I used to take the bus, but having my own car is awesome.
                          2. Mini-Conversations
                            1. A: Have you seen my keys? --B: No. You might have forgotten them in the office. -- A: No, I’m sure I have them with me last night when I went to Paul’s. I must have let them there.
                              1. A: He can´t have gone to home yet, it’s only three o’clock.
                                1. B: Typical Jane. You shouldn´t have invited her.
                                  1. B: Well, it’s too late now. You should have thought about that before.
                                  2. Rewrite so it sounds more formal.
                                    1. It was found that the particles involved in the process are the ones which limit the change.
                                      1. It is said that most felines use their premolar teeth to attack.
                                        1. Studies said that people have a tendency to disregard the opinion of their friends and relatives when they are older than 60 years.
                                        2. Last night Kim was invited to a party. In the party she spoke to some people.
                                          1. Jack offered her a drink.
                                            1. Sheila admitted having invited Paul.
                                              1. Paul apologized for what he had said.
                                                1. Joan denied having told Paul that she was sad.
                                                  1. Kim refused to stay at the party.
                                                  2. Complete the phrases with the correct concept in the box
                                                    1. I found very difficult to fall asleep at night, and now, in fact, I am thinking of taking sleeping tablets!
                                                      1. The Spanish tradition of taking a nap , has been gradually disappearing. Nowadays, taking siestas are almost exclusively of rural areas
                                                        1. I was finally diagnosed with Insomnia.
                                                          1. He did not let me sleep with the noise of his snoring. Now, I have found him several times walking by the garden after midnight; he must be a sleep walker.
                                                            1. I start to feel drowsy around 5:00 pm, yawing and nodding wherever I am.
                                                              1. I hate when I have nightmares.
                                                                1. The only one thing I find unpleasant about travelling is jet lag : sometimes I have not enjoyed my trips for being drowsy or awake in the wrong moment
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