Periods and main characteristics.
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  1. FROM...
    1. 2 or 3 million years ago- BC
      1. It began when the first humans appeared.
    2. TO...
      1. 3,500 BC
        1. It ended when humans invented writing.
      2. First period in human history.
          1. On cave walls and ceilings. They show animals and men hunting, sybols,... Examples: Tito Bustillo, Altamira, Lascaux,... They used different minerals and animal fats.
          2. PALEOLITHIC
            1. First period of history. Human remains: Atapuerca, Burgos. People were hunters and gatherers. Tools: stones and bones to make tools and weapons.People were nomads. They lived in small groups and move from place to place. They lived in tents or caves. They discovered how to make fire.
            2. NEOLITHIC
              1. Sedentary life(permanent settlements). Houses from mud and wood. Made pottery. Fishing, livestock and agriculture. People invented new tools to help them with work.
              2. METAL AGE
                1. Use of metals at the end of Prehistory: copper, bronze, iron. Artisans and traders: exchanged craftwork for food and other things. First system of trade. Invention of wheel and sail. Big constructions: megaliths, menhirs, dolmens and cromlechs.
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