Learning Styles


Sources (1) https://www.edutopia.org/pdfs/gw_learning_styles.pdf PLEASE RATE MY WORKS, SO I WILL KNOW IF I NEED TO IMPROVE
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Nayelli Morales
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Learning Styles
  1. Auditory
    1. Learning by
      1. Listening
      2. The learner
        1. Characteristics
          1. Talks to self aloud
            1. Enjoys talking
              1. Easily distracted
                1. Enjoys music
                  1. Likes to be read to
              2. Visual
                1. Learning by
                  1. Watching
                  2. The learner
                    1. Characteristics
                      1. Understand more written instructions
                        1. Pay more attention to gestures, facial expressions
                          1. Distracted by noise
                            1. Highlighting and using color coding
                              1. Mind maps, short outlines, lists, notes
                          2. Kinesthetic
                            1. Learning by
                              1. Physical activity
                              2. The learner
                                1. Characteristics
                                  1. In motion most of the time
                                    1. Reading is not a priority
                                      1. Will try new things
                                        1. Dresses for comfort
                                          1. Uses hands while talking
                                      2. What is it?
                                        1. Group of characteristics, attitudes and behaviours
                                          1. Define our way of learning
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