Passive voice modals


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Passive voice modals
  1. passive voice , present tense
    1. can/could, may/might, must/ought to, should
      1. USES
        1. possibilities
          1. abilities
            1. suggestions
              1. necessity
                1. predictions
        2. Form: modal+be+past participle
        3. modals with been or gotten past passive
          1. USES
            1. make deductions about past events
              1. speculate about past events
            2. Form: modal+have been/gotten+past participle
            3. modal with get
              1. ADDITIONAL USES
                1. emphasizes action
                  1. informal
                    1. more often used with living things
                2. Form: modal+get +past participle
                3. passive voice, past tense
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