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Stages of the research methodology


stages of scientific research methodology
Andrea Ojeda
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Andrea Ojeda
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Stages of the research methodology
  1. 1. Theory
    1. 1. Choose a phenomenon, problem or topic. And check if the same research problem has been addressed before.
      1. 2. Review of the theories about the phenomenon chosed. This literature review could be present after selecting the hypothesis.
      2. 2. Hypothesis
        1. Could be choosed after the theory review or before.
          1. Is a provisional explanation of the phenomenon chosed
          2. 4. Data collection
            1. needs to be preceded by a great level of preparation and pilot data collection may be required in case of questionnaires.
            2. 5. Data Analysis
              1. Achievement of research aim and objectives.
                1. determining what the results of the experiment show and deciding on the next actions to take.
                  1. Statistical analysis
                  2. 6. Reaching conclusions
                    1. Depending on whether the hypothesis is validated by the results found, the conclusions should be structured.
                      1. Explain the implications of the analysis made before with the hypothesis.
                      2. 3. Selecting Method of data collection
                        1. Need to be selected on the basis of critically analyzing advantages and disadvantages associated with several alternative data collection methods
                          1. Interviews, Questionnaires, Observation of phenomenon, Experiments, etc.
                          2. Every stage could vary between qualitative and quantitative studies
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