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  1. Content
    1. Colombian Music Styles
      1. Understand how to create a sound atmosphere for a story
        1. Write about the experience of improvising
          1. The regions that correspond to each Music Style
          2. Cognition
            1. Cathegorize the music styles in relation with their correspondant regions and instruments
              1. Hypothetize the reasons why do we know more about other Music Styles than our owns
                1. Summarize and integrate the different contents of the lesson
                  1. Describe the experience of improvising
                  2. Culture
                    1. Focus: Typical Colombian Music is a topical issue
                      1. Use a Map to locate the different Music Styles in the Colombian Regions and their correspondant instruments
                        1. Get to know and recognize what is unknown about Colombian Music
                          1. Reflect on the reasons why we are not aware of several aspects of our own culture
                          2. Communication
                            1. OF LEARNING
                              1. Vocabulary of music styles, instruments and regions
                                1. Vocabulary to describe, define and explain music characteristics
                                  1. Grammatical use of present and past continuous
                                  2. FOR LEARNING
                                    1. In groups: students will find and organize information
                                      1. Writting a summary
                                        1. Language to build
                                        2. THROUGH LEARNING
                                          1. Using feedback
                                            1. Extending presentation skills
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                                          Properties of musical tones
                                          Olga Veiga
                                          Géneros Musicales
                                          mariajesus camino
                                          Family Instruments (English)
                                          Daniel Domínguez Farray
                                          Alisson Ortega
                                          Qualities of Sound (Loud and quiet)
                                          Juande Calderón
                                          THE NOTES
                                          Musical Intruments
                                          Inés H
                                          THE NOTES: TEST
                                          NOTE VALUES & RESTS
                                          Olga Veiga
                                          MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS
                                          TEST SECOND CONDITIONAL