Common Meds in Dentistry


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Common Meds in Dentistry
  1. CVD
    1. Hypertension
      1. Metroprolol
        1. Beta Blocker
          1. B-1 Adrenergic Receptor ANTAGONIST. Acts on receptors in heart ONLY, not lungs (asthma). Decreases HR, CO & BP. POstural Hhypotension an issue. DONT prescribe NSAIDS - Do the same thing so will double up. Dont us Mepivicaine as both metabolised by liver
        2. Cilazapril
          1. ACE Inhibitor
            1. Stops ACE from converting Angiotensin1 --> Angiotensin2 (Vasoconstrictor) = Net Vasodialtion. Dry cough common, Angiodema 0.1-0.07%
        3. MI, Stroke
          1. Asprin
          2. Atherosclerosis
            1. Simvastatin
              1. HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor
                1. Decreases Total Serum Cholesterol. Prevents plaques progressing. Angiodema. Interactions w AB's & AF's
          3. Pain
            1. Paracetamol
              1. Cox-2 Inhibitor
                1. Not antithrombotic as cox-2 selective. Good for mild dental pain. Max dose 10x 500mg tabs/24hrs. May cause liver toxicity
              2. Ibuprofen
                1. Asprin
                2. Inflammation
                  1. Ibuprofen
                    1. NSAID
                      1. Anti-inflammatory, Anlagesic, Antipyretic. Inhibits Prostaglandin synthesis = Decreases pain, heat, swelling etc. Careful not to OD.
                    2. Asprin
                      1. Cox Inhibitor
                        1. Anti-inflam, Anti-pyretic, Anti-platelet. Increases bleeding after exo, endo etc
                    3. Asthma
                      1. Salbutamol
                        1. B-2 Adrenergic Receptor AGONIST
                          1. For Treatment of Bronchospasms in Asthma. "Reliever" Dry mouth, Oral Candidosis. Careful with NSAID interaction. B-1 agonsit NSAIDS harmful in asthma attacks
                      2. GORD/ Gastric Ulcers
                        1. Omeprazol
                          1. Proton Pump Inhibitor
                            1. Decreases Acid Production in Stomach. Px may have ^^ Erosion in mouth - Occlusal Max Molars. May interfere w antifunglas
                        2. Contraception
                          1. OCP
                            1. Oestrogen + Progesterone
                              1. Some Antibiotics/ Antifungals may affect OCP function. Usually decreases its absorption & increases its secretion via plasma binding protein.
                          2. Osteoperosis
                            1. Alendronate
                              1. Bisphosphonate
                                1. Decreases Bone turnover How? osteoblast > osteoclast activity Can cause bisphosphonate ONJ Painless necrosis usually after exo or apical infection
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