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  1. First Conditionl
    1. Presente _ Future
      1. In this case we are showing the future result of na action in the presente. This is the most common case.
        1. Ex: If you give me a chance, I will be a good man.
      2. Present _ Imperative
        1. In this case we give a command in response to a certain condition.
          1. EX: If you see Branda, tell her to call me.
          2. Verb in base form, imperative (not TO)
            1. Don't have subject
            2. Present _ Present
              1. * Zero Conditional = The result is logical
                1. EX: If you Study English, you learn it! Be sure of That.
                2. In this third case, we indicate thet a certain action Always brings the same result.
                3. FUTURE
                4. Second Conditional
                  1. We uso the Second Conditional to talk about a presente- contrry to fact situation, that is, a presente situation that is not real and, therefore, has a hypothetical result.
                    1. In the bus came, I would get to school on time. (t hasn't come)
                    2. VERB IN: base form (present)
                      1. AUXILIAR: WOLD + verb in base form
                        1. PAST
                        2. Third Conditional
                          1. We use the Third Conditional to talk hypothetically about the past, about how things wold have been diferente given a certain situation.
                            1. EX: If they hadn't operated on him, he would have died.
                            2. VERB IN: Participle past
                              1. IF+ PAST PERFECT and WOULD HAVE + PAST PARTICIPLE
                                1. PAST PARTICIPLE
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