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Passive Voice


Mind Map on Passive Voice, created by Tatiana Gaspar on 07/06/2019.
Tatiana Gaspar
Mind Map by Tatiana Gaspar, updated more than 1 year ago
Tatiana Gaspar
Created by Tatiana Gaspar about 3 years ago

Resource summary

Passive Voice
  1. Use
    1. Change of focus
      1. 24 people were killed by the flood.
      2. Unknown or unimportant agent
        1. Tom's bike has been stolen.
        2. Generalised agent
          1. Smartphones are used for many different things.
          2. Obvious agent
            1. The murderer has been arrested.
            2. Impersonality
              1. Mistakes have been made.
              2. Description of processes
                1. After they had been picked, the grapes were crushed with bare feet.
              3. Structure
                1. Present Simple (am, is, are) + pp
                  1. Present Continuous (am, is, are + being) + pp
                    1. Past Simple (was, were) + pp
                      1. Past Continuous (was, were + being) + pp
                        1. Present Perfect (has, have + been) + pp
                          1. Past Perfect (had + been) + pp
                            1. Future Simple (will be) + pp
                              1. Future Be going to (am, is, are + going to be)
                                1. Modal (must / can) (must + be or can, could + be) + pp
                                  1. Modal Perfect (should have + been) + pp
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