Present Perfect Simple


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Present Perfect Simple
  1. FORM
    1. Affirmative


      • have/ has+ Past participle - Irr verbs: 3rd column in the list - R verbs: add -ed to the root. * after a final e only add d: love – loved * final consonant after a short, stressed vowel or l as final consonant after a vowel is doubled: admit – admitted travel – travelled * final y after a consonant becomes i : hurry – hurried   
      1. We have listened to the radio / He has drunk a coke
      2. Negative


        • Subject + have / has not ( haven't  / hasn't ) + past participle
        1. They haven't read the news / She hasn't stopped
        2. Interrogative


          • Have / has + subject + past participle ?
          1. Have they had breakfast? / Has she written an e-mail?
        3. USES
          1. experiences
            1. Have you ever driven a car? No, I have never done it
            2. Recent actions
              1. She has just eaten an apple
              2. Past actions relevant to the present
                1. He has baked a cake ( you smell it)
                2. Past actions going on in present
                  1. I have lived here for two years ( I still live here)
                3. EXPRESSIONS
                  1. FOR
                    1. Periods of time: I have studied this for hours
                    2. SINCE
                      1. Start of the period: I have studied this since 5 o'clock
                      2. EVER/ NEVER
                        1. Has she ever eaten octopus?
                        2. ALREADY
                          1. Between have/has and past participle: They have already done it
                          2. YET
                            1. Neg / interrog, at the end : Has she eaten yet?. They haven't arrived yet
                            2. JUST
                              1. between have /has and past participle: She has just arrived
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