The present perfect tense


Reinforcement and review of grammar point.
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The present perfect tense
  1. USE
    1. To talk about actions that started in the past and continue up to the present.
      1. A very recent action.
      2. FORM
        1. Subject / auxiliary / VPP / complement - time expressions
            1. since
              1. A point of time
                1. I´ve studied English since last year
              2. for
                1. Lenght of time
                  1. I haven´t read for two weeks.
                2. already
                  1. Before the time expected
                    1. Tim has already finished his homework, he was fast!
                  2. yet
                    1. At the present time for negative statements and questions
                      1. They haven´t done their homework yet.
                        1. Have they done their homewor yet?
                    2. never
                      1. A negative statement
                        1. I´ve never ridden a camel.
                      2. just
                        1. Only a moment before
                          1. I´ve just had breakfast, I´m not hungry now.
                        2. before
                          1. Previous to
                            1. Tim hasn´t traveled overseas before.
                          2. ever
                            1. At any time in questions
                              1. Have you ever gone caving?
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