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  1. What is prehistory?
    1. The prehistory extends from our first ancestor (about 5.000 million years ago)to the invention of writting.
      1. Prehistory is divided into 3 periods:
        1. The Palaeolithic Age extends from our first ancestors to 11.000 years ago, they lived from hunting and gathering
          1. The Neolithic Age began about 11.000 years ago. Groups of human beigns started to live in villages.
            1. The Metal Ages began about 7.000 years ago. Human beings learned to use metals
        2. What were early human beings like?
          1. Home habilis; these appeared 2 million years ago. Their brain was bigger. Their name "habilis" that means skilful. They made stone tools and lived from hunting and gathering
            1. Australopithecus; these appeared about 5 million years ago. They were very similar to chipanzees, they normally walk with 2 feets
              1. Homo herectus; these appeared 1 and a half million years ago. They walk upright. This was the first species to live outside Africa.They lived Europe and Asia
                1. Homo sapiens our species appeared in Africa about 130.000 years ago, they were taller than Neanderthals.
                  1. The first Europeans:
                    1. The oldest human remains in Europe appeared in Atapuerca, Spain. They are 800.000 years old and their name is Homo antecessor.
                      1. Neanderthlas were a different species who lived in Europe 150.000 years ago
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