Teaching Technological Methologies


The following C-map contains important information about teaching technological methodologies
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Teaching Technological Methologies
  1. Technology provides meaningful learning experiences to Ss.
    1. Technology provides us a variety of tools.
      1. Information and Comunication Technology (ICT)
        1. Teachers can collaborate and share ideas with others.
          1. Ss can develop valuable research skills
            1. Teachers and Ss have access to an expanse of material.
              1. Online learning is now an equally credible option.
                1. National Educational Technology Standards (NETS)
                  1. Creativity and Innovation
                    1. communication and collaboration
                      1. Research and Information
                        1. Critical Thinking
                          1. Problem Solving
                            1. Desicion Making
                            2. Technologies can improce Ss' achievement.
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