Market approach


Market approach
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Market approach
  1. also called
    1. multiple valuation
      1. calculate the value of a company
        1. compare prices with others
            1. recent transaction
              1. know the value of the transaction
      2. competitor sells a similar patent
        1. similar value
            1. It is related to another valuation method
              1. takes cash flows into account
                1. prices to compare
                2. Major frequent in its usefulness
                  1. requirement
                      1. Most active patent market
                    1. advantage
                      1. target and fair market value
                        1. constancy and efficiency
                          1. public databases
                          2. simplicity to use.
                          3. difficulty
                            1. Fata of patent transactions to compare
                              1. lack of transparency
                                1. patent characteristics
                                2. unreliable
                                  1. manipulate the information
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