There is and there are (haber y existir)


Mind map to explain THERE IS / THERE ARE
Ana Zelaya
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Ana Zelaya
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There is and there are (haber y existir)
  1. Affirmative
    1. Some ( for uncountable and plural nouns)
      1. There is some milk in that glass.
        1. There are some sausages on the plate
      2. Negative
        1. Any / no
          1. There isn't any milk in the glass
            1. There are no sausages on the plate.
          2. Interrogative
            1. Any
              1. Is there any milk in the fridge?
                1. Are there any sausages on the plate?
                2. How much? How many?
                3. A / AN (singular nouns)
                  1. There is a spider in the closet (affirmative) There isn't a spider in the closet. (negative) Is there a spider in the closet? (interrogative)
                    1. There is an elephant in the room. (affirmative). There isn't an elephant in the room. (negative). Is there an elephant in the room? (interrogative)
                      1. A is used with nouns that begin with a consonant or consonant sound. An is used with nouns that begin with a vowel or vowel sound
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