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Reported Speech
  1. When to use it: Sometimes someone says a sentence.
    1. Definition: Comunicate what someone else sais.
      1. Structure: "DIRECT AND INDIRECT" We just put "She says" and then the sentence, for example, She says she likes ice cream. Reported verbsis in the past tense, then usually we change the tense in the reported speech.
        1. (Direct and reported speech) Past simple: I like ice cream/ She said (that) she liked ice cream. Past continious; I am living in London/ She said she was living in london. Past simple: I bougth a car/ She said she has a bought a car Or she said she bought a car. Past continious: I was walking along the steet/ she said she has been walking along the street. Present perfect: I haven't seen Julie/ She said she hadn't see Julie. Past perfect: I had taken English lessons before/ She said she had taken English lessond before.
            1. Reported questions; Need to change the grammar to a normal positive sentence.
              1. Example: What are you doing?/ He asked me what i was doing.
              2. Reported request: Use "ask me+to+infinitive".
                1. Example: Please close the door/ He asked me to close the door.
                2. Reporter orders: Use "tell" instead of "ask".
                  1. Example: Go to bed/ He told to child to go to bed. Don't smoke: He told us not so smoke
                  2. Time expressions with reported speech: You really have to think about when the direct speech was said.
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