Reported Speech


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Reported Speech
    1. Future Tenses
      1. will: would
        1. will be+ ing: would be +ing
          1. will have done: would have done
            1. is going to do : was going to do
            2. Present tenses
              1. listen: listened
                1. is cooking: was cooking
                  1. is: was/ are:were
                  2. Past tenses
                    1. watched: had watched
                      1. was watching: had been watching
                        1. has driven: had driven
                          1. had written: had written
                          2. Modal verbs
                            1. may: might
                              1. can: could
                                1. must/have to: had to
                                  1. should: should
                                    1. would: would
                                  2. EXPRESSIONS
                                    1. these : those
                                      1. here: there
                                        1. yesterday: the day before/ the previous day
                                          1. today: that day
                                            1. Tomorrow: the next day/ the following day
                                              1. this: that
                                                1. now: then
                                                2. QUESTIONS
                                                  1. Yes/ No questions
                                                    1. ask+ if/whether+sentence
                                                      1. "Does she live here?": He asked me if she lived there
                                                    2. Information Questions
                                                      1. ask+ question word+ sentence
                                                        1. "Where do you live?: She asked where I lived
                                                    3. COMMANDS
                                                      1. tell + infinitive ( to+ verb)
                                                        1. "Drive my car!" She told me to drive her car
                                                        2. tell + infinitive (not to+ verb)
                                                          1. "Don't walk so fast!" : He told me not to walk so fast
                                                        3. STATEMENTS
                                                          1. say that + sentence
                                                            1. "I speak English": She said that she spoke English
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