Russian Revolution


Russian Revolution
Manuel Álvarez Suárez
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Manuel Álvarez Suárez
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Russian Revolution
  1. 23 February 1917
    1. Fall of tsarism
      1. Provisional government
        1. New government
          1. Kadet and Esers
            1. Soviets didn´t wanted them
              1. Supported the Bolsheviks
                1. Commanded by Lenin
                  1. Goverment with peasants and workers
                    1. Control of the factories, nationalising the banks and recognising the nationalities of the Russian Empire
                      1. They proclaimed a workers´government led by Lenin
                    2. He wanted to sign peace with Germany
                      1. Treaty of Brest-Livostock(1918)
                        1. Russia accepted territorial losses in exchange of peace
                    3. Red Guards
                      1. 25 October 1917
                        1. Rebels occupied Petrograd
                        2. November 27 1917
                          1. Constituent Assembly
                            1. Lenin disssolved it
                              1. Put an end to political pluralism
                                1. First revolutionary measures
                                  1. Land was expropiated to the peasants, and the worker comittees were given the control of the factories
                          2. Civil war
                            1. People who supported Tsarism took up arms against the Soviet Government
                              1. With the help of French, British, Japanese and American troops, the white army confronted the Red Army
                              2. Lasted 3 years
                                1. The Red army won the war
                                  1. Contributed a lot on the hardening of the Soviet Regime
                                2. People suffered food shortages
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